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What is Cell Fone News?

Cell Fone News is a service that generates Micro-Reviews as Useful News. For instance, the recommendations for Movies Worth Watching More Than Once (that you can snatch as a freebie) will allow you to decide what video to watch tonight if you are staring at your Netflix account. Or maybe on occasion you find yourself in New York City, Los Angeles, Basel, or London and you want to be up to date on what is happening in the art world in those centers. Art Worth Seeing More Than Once will help you make informed plans. In the future these avant-garde editorial threads will allow you to shop smartly while you are standing in a store or staring at an online kiosk, or provide you with a compelling puzzle, or suggest a well-run charity should you be feeling philanthropic. These micro-reviews will be shuffled to you by our roaming reporters.

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