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we have the answer if you:

Want a world class gallery to keep an eye on?
Want a great gallery to visit in the New York City area?
Want an exciting gallery in the New York Chelsea area that will likely have a great show?
Want a gallery to drive by in Los Angeles?
Want a gallery in Europe to watch?


as we see it

ARTISTS make the ART sold by DEALERS to COLLECTORS who hang it in SPACES
For each of these complementary positions, whomever has the smart money behind them determines who survives.
There is, however, a whole lot more to the art business than money.
There is gossip, for instance!

The Artists are

HOT & SEXY meaning industrious, charismatic, connected, and creative, with a timely POV.
NOW & POETIC meaning diligent, focussed, with talent for expressing a sustaining POV.
HOKUM implying a derivative, skill based talent with a commercial intent.
OUT of the loop offering only ignorance in action, as ever doing its own thing.

In The Art World, Who Is Important?      Why These Artists?      Why These Dealers?      How Do They Connect?      Who Can Do It?      What Constitutes an Important Work by a Significant Career?


The ART may be Fine & Sublime, Fun & POP, Filler 'n' Fluff, or Flotsam & Stuff....

The DEALERS are Dreamers, Screamers, Schemers, or Reamers....

The COLLECTORS are Patrons, Speculators, Curators, or Pack Rats....

The SPACES can Resonate, Compete, Exploit....

Cell Fone News Micro-Reviews


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